Rustic Recycled Wood Clocks

Everything is Made to Order so if you want a different shape or size please CONTACT ME

The recycled timber rustic clocks are available in various finishes, which are described in more detail in the product description.

  • Shabby chic. various colours.
  • Shou sugi ban, Japanese wood burning.
  • Lichtenberg, 2500 high voltage fractals.
  • Wood stained, various colours.

Hand made rustic wood panel wall clock. Distressed shabby chic, burnt charred wood & lightning fractal effects

Rustic Wood Wall Clock Split Panel

Rustic Recycled Wood Wall ClockAvailable in 3 different rustic finish effects sealed with boiled lin..


Wall Clock & Candle Plant Shelf Stained Wood

Wall Clock & Small Shelf Stained WoodFor displaying Ornaments, Small Plants , Candle or Tealight..


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